School Sponsorship Program

Our programs strive to:

  • Break down barriers to learning
  • Create opportunity and choice for the future
  • Provide positive life experiences

During the latter half of 2008 the Foundation engaged its own person to conduct a survey on the Informal Settlers living in the village and this did provide some interesting results. For example we did find a small percentage of families doing whatever they could to send some or all of the children to school.

Following the analysis of the survey results the Cararoo Board decided that the Foundation would focus on establishing a COMMUNITY based education program, and would work in partnership with the Rotary Club Makati Dasmarinas to establish Rotary Community Corps Manggahan Merville, Philippines.

For the purpose of this survey we broke down the geographic layout of the village into 5 areas to help identify the location of the families. Apart from physical numbers of adults and children we also collected other demographic information that can be used to identify the families later on.

The survey identified 451 families, with 996 adults and 913 children 0 to 18 years of age.

The idea in establishing the Rotary Community Corp. was to develop a project that would be self sufficient and managed by the Community. Funds for the community would be raised in Australia and Philippines via sponsorship program.

The Cararoo Foundation established as a non for profit Foundation in the Philippines, would ask sponsors to help the community by providing donations to cover such items as:

  1. All School Fees
  2. Uniforms, shoes, school bags, PE etc.
  3. All school books, projects
  4. 2 meals per day
  5. Daily vitamins
  6. Dental program
  7. Excursions, travel etc.
  8. Other related cost of sending a child to school
  9. Percentage for running nursery
  10. Administration cost

Sponsors can choose to make a fixed monthly or annual payment. Based on the requirements of the village Cararoo estimates it would cost around A$820 PA to educate and run a feeding program. In the end it would be up to the person donating to recommend a figure.

All payments in Australia receive a Tax Receipt from Rotary Australian World Community Services (RAWCS) as we are a Rotary International supported project.

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