SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP PROGRAM (Educating Children Out of Poverty)

During the latter half of 2008 the Foundation engaged its own person to conduct a survey on the Informal Settlers living in the village and this did provide some interesting results. For example we did find a small percentage of families doing whatever they could to send some or all of the children to school.

Following the analysis of the survey results the Cararoo Board decided that in the short-term (next 3 to 5 years) the Foundation would focus on a School Sponsorship Program (Project Batang Filipino – child) with a view to getting as many children enrolled into the local schools. The goal is to have 100 children sponsored by 2013. Typhoon Ondoy in 2009 delayed the start of Project Batang for 9 months, given the devastation of the Merville and surrounding areas it was decided to conduct another survey in 2009.

For the purpose of this survey we broke down the geographic layout of the village into 5 areas to help identify the location of the families. Apart from physical numbers of adults and children we also collected other demographic information that can be used to identify the families later on.

The survey identified 451 families, with 996 adults and 913 children 0 to 18 years of age. It would be impossible for the Foundation to find sponsorship money for 913 children and therefore adopted a strategy that would see the establishment of a Nursery in the village for children less than 6 years of age and managed by the parent. We also selected 22 children both elementary and high school age to be in our pilot program, commencing June 2009. The start of the 2012 school year we had 110 children enrolled in Elementary, High School and Cararoo Nursery.

As a small Foundation we feel 110 children are a good number for us to manage at this time and will use the children graduating from the Nursery to fill the positions vacated by those children graduating High School.

The Foundation advertised and found sponsors for these children from its support base in Australia and Philippines.

The sponsorship fee covered (1) all fees (2) uniforms (3) school books (4) 2 meals per day (5) daily vitamins (6) travel and any other cost related to sending a child to school (7) percentage for running nursery and administration. The annual sponsorship fee for a child is AU$640 or PHP28,000. See Donations Page for Banking Details. 

If you can help in any way with either our Sponsorship Program or wish to donate towards a number of projects the Foundation has in the village to support the sponsorship project, please contact Maurie Schokman via email on (email title – Cararoo Sponsorship)